👋 Hey there! I'm dewy. 👋


----> Looking for work!! <----

🦆 whoami 🦆

A Kotlin / Java developer of 3 years with experience in project and community management, along with the development and deployment of highly scalable applications. I possess solid knowledge of a bunch of frameworks, libraries and specifications, including but not limited to the Discord API, the Minecraft protocol, Spongepowered Mixins and the IntelliJ Platform.

🔭 I work with... 🔭

Arch Linux / FreeBSD / macOS / Windows

Java / Kotlin / Groovy Gradle / Maven / Ant Minecraft / Forge / Fabric / Mixins Minecraft Protocol / Discord API / IntelliJ Platform Git CLI / GitHub Jekyll / HTML, CSS, JS / Nginx AWS / DigitalOcean / Hetzner Jitpack / Command Line / SSH

✅ What I do... ✅

I maintain a project named KAMI Blue, with over 100K downloads in the past year with no advertising. The project consists of ~28000 lines of both Java and Kotlin code. While maintaining KAMI Blue I learned most of what there is to know about making client-side mods for Minecraft. I also work on a project named DQS, a proxy and headless pathfinding service and Discord bot for Minecraft; ~32000 lines strong. Through this I've become knowledgable in the Minecraft protocol and the Discord API specifications. Along with those, I work on an IntelliJ-based IDE called MCIDE, an IDE dedicated to Minecraft development.

💬 Contact 💬

<p align="center">E-Mail: dewy@dewy.dev</p> <p align="center">Discord: iBuyMountainDew#3731</p> <p align="center">Keybase: keybase.io/dewy</p>